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Porsche is not only at the very pinnacle of performance and motorsport, but continues to be one of the most innovative engineering companies in the world. This means being at the cutting edge of technology - both current and future.

Porsche has announced that by 2025, more than 60% of Porsche vehicles will be either fully electrically driven or high-performance hybrids. This means that the factory is fully committed to electricity as an alternative source of providing safe and powerful sports cars.

Porsche Centre Belfast is proud to announce that our new Centre has five Porsche electric charging points for customer and showroom use. This allows our service and sales customers the facility to recharge their cars whilst they are with us.

To discover more about Porsche E-Performance or discuss the current Porsche E-Performance models, please email  info@porschebelfast.co.uk  or come and visit the Centre.