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Porsche Centre Belfast workshop

Aftersales facilities at Porsche Centre Belfast


Porsche Centre Belfast’s brand new Centre in the Titanic Quarter boasts one of the most advanced Aftersales facilities in the UK.

In addition to the DEA wall-to-wall tooling cabinets which feature innovative oil draining and monitoring systems, we are extremely proud to showcase our Hunter Hawkeye 4-wheel geometry system featuring camera calibration.

Steering geometry and alignment is crucial to maintain the stability and handling of your Porsche. Poor road conditions, such as pot holes and bad surfaces, can affect the geometry of your car, which in turn can cause premature and uneven tyre wear and handling and steering problems.

The state-of-the-art Hunter equipment allows our service team to quickly determine if the geometry on a car is out of tolerance and what needs to be done to fix any problems. After discussion with our customer, we can then make the required adjustments to bring the car back to specification.

The current Porsche range offers radar and camera technology for speed signal recognition, adaptive cruise control, lane change assistance and Innodrive. When steering geometry rectification is carried out, these radar and camera systems are also calibrated to ensure that they are translating road markings and distances accurately and safely.

Please contact our Aftersales team on 02890389999 or email info@porschebelfast.co.uk for any further information.