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Experience a new generation of sports car with Porsche E-Performance. Porsche is not only at the very pinnacle of performance and motorsport, but continues to be one of the most innovative engineering companies in the world. This means being at the cutting edge of technology - both current and future.

Porsche has announced that by 2025, more than 60% of Porsche vehicles will be either fully electric or high-performance hybrids. This means that Porsche is fully committed to electricity as an alternative source for providing safe and powerful sports cars.

We already have a fast growing range of E-Performance vehicles, including the Cayenne and Panamera E-Hybrids, and the hotly anticipated Taycan. Here are our top picks from Porsche Tequipment to ensure you always get the best performance from your E-Hybrid vehicle.

Charging cable - RRP £300.00

For charging at public charging pedestals with a type two connector (EU standard). The Black charging cable is 7.5 m long and suitable for currents up to 20 A (three-phase). Includes transport bag with attachment concept for the luggage compartment.

Charging dock - RRP £450.00

Provides safe, convenient storage for the standard Porsche universal charger (AC). For installation on the wall or charging pedestal.
Suitable for all common household and industrial electrical outlets (worldwide) and can also be used outside.

Charging pedestal - RRP £1,144.00 (small) / £1,976 (large)

Holding device made from aluminium frame with Black front and Silver-coloured "Porsche" lettering. 
The design has been coordinated to suit the Porsche Universal Charger. The charging pedestal can be installed free-standing, fixed on a stable surface and can be locked and the charger can be removed. 
*Please note: Designed for use with the 2.5 m long charging cable.

Contact us at info@porschebelfast.co.uk or visit our Tequipment Finder for more information.